Taking the country back starts this November

One of the most important, but overlooked, items that patriots need to focus on is the mid-term and local elections. This is where the roots must take hold in order for this country to grow back into the Redwood that it once used to be.

Take special notice and do research on county and state level candidates. Sheriffs are of particular importance. There is too much to explain here in a blog post, but you can go to http://www.sheriffmack.com, and learn why they are so important. Also – research the AZ sheriffs that are fighting the illegal immigration along the AZ border

Find your polling place and plan to be there this November!

Post number One

Well, I guess I have to kick this off somehow…So Hi everyone. I hope you find the information that will be handed out useful. Our country is on the wrong path, and it is up to the citizens to correct it. This means YOU. Information sharing is the key…

God bless